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英语句子种类 按句子的结构分为三种: 简单句 (simple sentence) 并列句 (compound sentence) 复合句 (complex sentence) (一).简单句: 只有一个主语(或并列主语) 和 一个谓语(或并列谓语): <1>.Tom likes rock music. <2>.Tom and John are fond of ▲ rock music. <3>.Tom sat down at his desk and began to do his homework. ▲ 简单句的 五种基本句型 1. _________________________ 主语+系动词+表语 (S+V+P) It is getting warmer and warmer. He looks pretty happy today. ★高考经常考查的系动词: get <1>. “变得” ______,become _______, turn go grow _______, _______, _____... look seem appear <2>. “看起来”______,______,______ “闻起来” smell “尝起来” ______ taste _____ sound feel “摸起来” ______ “听起 ★系动词的用法: (注意三点) adj. +___________作表语;

宾语 无 __________;

被动语态 无 __________;

e.g. The dish ________________. tastes delicious (尝起来好吃) The story _______________. sounds interesting (听起来有趣). 主语 + 谓语 2. ________________(S + V) Our chalk has run out. On hearing the news, he cheered. ★高考经常考查的不及物动词: “发生” __________;


happen occur __________ come about take place ;

__________ __________ break out “用完,用光”________;

give out run out ________..... ★不及物动词的用法: 被动语态 宾语 无 __________, 无_________ e.g. <1>.“过去的几年里我们学校发生了 很大的变化” Great changes have taken place ____________________________ ____________________________. in our school in the last few years. <2>. Do you know what was \ happened yesterday? (改错) Our school has taken place (×) great changes in the last few years. 3. _____________________ 主语 + 谓语 + 宾语 (S+V+O) We are having an English class. Mr Wang will attend the lecture. 4. ________________________ 主语+谓语+间宾+直宾 (S+V+O1+O2) I teach you English. He offered me his seat. 5. ________________________ 主语+谓语+宾语+宾补 (S+V+O+C) We should keep our classroom clean and tidy. I heard them cheering in the next room. I saw the window broken. 请说出下列句子类型: 1.Summer is coming. S+Vi 2.They won’t let me go. S+V+O+C 3.He showed me a new TV S+V+O1+O2 set. 4.She knows French. S+V+O 5.The gas smells terrible. S+V+P (二)并列句(compound sentence): 把两个或几个简单句用 并列连词或分号连 接起来,则成为一个并列 句。 常用并列连词 and, both….and…., not only…. but also…., ? 平行并列连词: neither…. nor…. ? 转折并列连词:

but,while,yet ? 因果并列连词: for, or, so ? 选择并列连词: 请用合适的并列连词把每组句子合 并为一个并列句。

1.He was tired. He went to bed. He was tired, so he went to bed. 2.The dress is really beautiful. I can’t afford it. The dress is really beautiful, but I can’t afford it. 3. Mary is cooking. John is greeting guests. Mary is cooking ,and / while John is greeting guests. 4.He works hard. He also likes helping others. 1>. He not only works hard but he also likes helping others. 2>.Not only does he work hard but he also likes helping others. (三)复合句:主句+从句 主句是一个完整的句子(independent sentence),它可以独立存在。 从句是一个不完整的句子,它必须和 一个主句连用,不能独立存在. 请指出该复合句的主句和从句: 从句 By the time he arrived, 1 主句 we had already left. 2 在复合句中,主要包含以下 类型从句: 主语从句 宾语从句 表语从句 同位语从句 名词性从句 1.____________ 定语从句 2._____________ 状语从句 3._____________ 指出下列各从句的类型: ?I hope that 宾语从句 everything is all right. ?She was reading the newspaper when I came in. ?She is the girl who sings best of all. 状语从句 定语从 句 ?It is well-known that the 2021 Olympic Games will be held on August 8th. 主语从句 ?As is known to all, the 2021 Olympic Games will be held in about four months. 定语从 句 ? I want to live in a place where the air is fresh. 定语从句 ? I want to live where the air is fresh. 状语从句 请把每组句子连接为一个含有状语从句 复合句。

?I’ll give the letter to him .I see him. (时间状语从句) ?I’ll give the letter to him when I see him as soon as ★ the moment ★ the minute ★ immediately ? It is such a big box .Nobody can move it. (结果状语从句) It is such a big box that nobody can move it. Such a big box is it that nobody can move it. It is so big a box that nobody can move it. ? The dress is beautiful. I can’t afford it. (让步状语从句) Although /Though the dress is beautiful, I can’t afford it. Beautiful as the dress is, I can’t afford it. See you next time


1. Wow 哇!(叫绝声) 2. Way To Go 就该这么做 3. Super 极好的 4. You're Special 你不一般 5. Outstanding 杰出的 6. Excellent 优秀的 7. Great 伟大的 8. Good 好的 9. Neat 真整洁 10. Well Done 做得好 11. Remarkable 非凡的 12. I Knew You Could Do It 我知道你能做的 13. I'm Proud Of You 我为你而骄傲 14. Fantastic 太奇妙了 15. Super Star 超级明星 16. Nice Work 干得好 17. Looking Good 看上去不错 18. You're On Top Of It 你是数一数二的 19. Beautiful 美极了 20. Now You're Flying 现在你起飞了(进步了) 21. You're Catching On 你是有吸引力的 22. Now You've Got It 现在你做到了 23. You're Incredible 你简直难以置信 24. You Can Do It 你能做到 25. How Did You Do That? 你怎样完成的? 26. Bravo 好啊!妙! 27. You're Fantastic 你真太妙了 28. You're Improving 你在进步 29. Hurray For You 为你喊万岁 30. You're On Target 你达到目标了 31. You're On Your Way 你在前进中 32. How Nice 多好啊 33. Good Job 干的出色 34. That's Incredible 简直难以置信 35. Hot Dog 热狗 36. Let's Try Again 再试试 37. Dynamite 非同凡响 38. You're Beautiful 你太美了 39. You're Unique 你太不寻常了 40. Nothing Can Stop You Now 现在你已所向无敌了 41. Good For You 为你好 42. I Like You 我欢你 43. You're A Winner 你是赢家 44. I Respect You 我尊敬你 45. You'll Make It 你一定会成功的 46. Remarkable Job 出色的工作 47. Beautiful Work 完美的工作 48. Spectacular 壮观的,引人入胜的 49. I Like The Way You Handled That 我欣赏你的做法 50. You're Precious 你是宝贵的 51. Great Discovery 伟大的发现 52. You've Discovered The Secret 你已经发现了秘密 53. You're Making Progress 你正在进步 54. You Figured It Out 你搞懂了 55. Fantastic Job 干的太好了 56. Hip, Hip Hurray 万岁!(喝彩声) 57. Bingo 你成功了 58. I Believe You'll Handle It 我确信你能行 59. Magnificent 杰出的 60. Marvelous 非凡的 61. Terrific 太妙了 62. You Really Tried 你确实尽力了 63. Thanks For Helping 感谢你的帮助 64. Super Job 出色完成任务 65. Creative Job 创造性的完成任务 66. Super Work 超级完成任务 67. You're Sensational 你真令人感动 68. I Like Your Work 我欣赏你的工作 69. I Can See Progress 我已经看到了进步 70. Exceptional Performance 非同一般的表现 71. You're A Real Trooper 你真实一个好骑手 72. You Are Responsible 你是负责任的 73. You Are Exciting 你真令人激动 74. You Learned It Right 你做对了 75. Look How Far You've Come 瞧,你已经有多领先了 76. What An Imagination 多么丰富的想象力! 77. What A Good Listener 多么专注的听众啊! 78. You Are Fun 你真有趣 79. You're Growing Up 你长大了 80. You Tried Hard 你尽力了 81. You Care 你很认真 82. Outstanding Performance 出色的表现 83. You're A Good Friend 你是一个好朋友 84. I Have Confidence In Your Judgment 我坚信你的判断 85. I Trust You 我相信你 86. You're Important 你非常重要 87. You Belong 你属于我们 88. You've Got A Friend 你已经得到了一个朋友 89. You Make Me Laugh 你让我开怀大笑 90. You Brighten My Day 你让我今天增辉不少 91. I Respect You 我崇敬你 92. That's Correct 正确 93. You're A Joy 你真让人高兴 94. You're A Treasure 你是个宝 95. You're Wonderful 你真妙极了 96. Awesome 真了不起 97. You Made My Day 你今天真让我高兴 98. That's The Best 真出色 99. A Big Hug 热情拥抱你 100. A Big Kiss 亲吻你 101. Say I Love You! 我要说,我爱你! P.S. Remember, A Smile Is Worth 1000 Words! 附:请记住,一个微笑胜过 1000 句话语。